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About Innovative Food Safety Solutions

We are committed to helping foodservice operators eliminate foodborne illnesses by providing exciting and dynamic ServSafe classes and regular food safety tips. We have a big family and their safety is of great importance to us. While it is important to keep them safe from what we can see, it is just as important to keep them safe from what we can't see such as foodborne illnesses.




Dean is the president of Innovative Food Safety Solutions. He oversees all the operational, instructional and executive areas. He is a veteran in the foodservice industry and has delivered training in all areas throughout the foodservice operation, various management positions and most importantly, food safety. He has conducted hundreds of classes to thousands of participants over the years. Before choosing a career in foodservice, he spent nine years in the military and a portion of those years were spent as a training manager. He attained numerous military certifications, instructor certifications and served as a team leader responsible for directing combat aircraft onto enemy targets. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Management, Certified ServSafe Instructor/Proctor, Certified Coaching and Maximizing Performance Facilitator and Certified Targeted Selection Facilitator.

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